Watermark Dilutes


Welcome to Watermark Gypsy Cobs Dilutes page. Feel free to browse and enjoy the stunning images we have captured of our cobs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the 'contact us' page. Alternatively, we can now be found on Facebook. 

We have the pleasure of showing you our latest stunning imported gypsy cobs dilute fillies. 

These stunning young fillies were imported as fillies foals, and just turned yearlings recently. Having settled into a fabulous routine which includes daily handling, feeding and I am pleased to say they have incredible appetites, the occasional bath, and plenty of good cuddles. They are stunning girls, with such individual characters. They change shape almost daily, and colour too, which is fascinating to watch the progression into adult hood. The fillies were selected for their overall superior quality in body shape and type, and all unrelated. They each possess ridiculous amounts of feather and overall hair, which is not common in Dilutes and incredibly hard to find and to breed on. Eventually they will become part of our breeding program within the Watermark herd and the stallions we always choose with such care, will eventually be selected to cover these stunning young ladies. 

Not to be outdone by the beautiful girls above, we also have a stunning silver dapple dilute colt …

Hermits Duke - sire to Hermits Quicksilver

Hermits Quicksilver - Watermarks new silver dappled stud colt

Quicksilver should mature out to 14.2hh and again, his feather and hair is sublime, thick and very luxurious and plenty of it, very rare to see in dilutes. An incredible character, who is full of fun, has an appetite like a bull and is generally eating me out of house and home. He is growing into an extremely handsome young stallion, with a superb nature. 

YES, we have a buckskin stallion too … Hermits Masquerade UK import

Hermits Masquerade was imported in 2016 from the UK and has since seen his first breeding season. His foals are exquisitely formed, very tight and very correct. A stallion that shows himself with a natural presence … in fact, it is difficult to look at the other horses when he is around. A stallion that isn't completely finished in growth, and this year 2017, we have seen a massive change in him, next year he will be even better. 

Hermits Masquerade has been AI collected for the USA and for AU, with a proven pregnancy using frozen insemination on his first mare. Colour offered by Masquerade are as follows: nT, Ee, Aa, n/Cr. To date he has been bred to one mare that carries Ee and went on to successfully breed a stunning buckskin colt foal in 2017. 

2018 to date, he has produced 3 buckskin, 1 palomino, 2 tri bays and 1 piebald out of 6 mares, with four left to foal ... so it will be interesting to see the final results at the end of this season. A very generous colour producer at this stage and a delightful stallion as a whole. Masquerade is now in harness, and working like a real professional.